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Department of History

History Department of Tokat Gaziosmanpaşa University, Faculty of Arts and Science Faculty, was established in 1992. Graduate study program was opened in 06.02.1995, after the decision that took in general meeting of YOK and first graduate students enrolled on program in the first term of 1995-1996. Since its establishment, the department carried out many roles in cultural events in the scale of local or country wide, and had a significant amount of contribution to those kind of occasions. Our top priorities are to know the every piece of work and information from the Ancient History to Modern Turkey as well as the History of the World, transferring our rich inheritance to future from the past and giving those values to our students.

The Department of History carries out its activities with 2 Professors, 2 Associated Professors, 10 Doctors and 5 Research Assistants in total 19 academicians. There are 7 branches under the discipline with Master and Doctorate programs. From those branches; History of Ancient has a Master program with 2 Doctors, History of Middle Age has Master and Doctorate programs with 1 Associated Professor and 1 Doctor, History of New Age has Master and Doctorate Programs with 2 Professors, History of Ottoman Institutions and Civilisation has a Master program with  1 Doctor, History of Near Age has Master and Doctorate programs with 5 Doctors, History of the Republic of Turkey has Master and Doctorate Programs with 1 Associated Professor and 1 Doctor and History of General Turkish hasn’t yet any personnel.

Department of History and Sub Branches

History of Ancient: Chairman Dr. Murat TEKİN, Dr. Hatice UYANIK

History of Middle Age: Chairman As. Prof. Pınar ÜLGEN, Dr. Murat SERDAR

History of New Age: Chairman Prof. Dr. Ali AÇIKEL, Prof. Dr. Alpaslan DEMİR

History of Ottoman Institution and Civilisation: Chairman Dr. Samettin BAŞOL

History of Near Age: Chairman Dr. Üyesi İbrahim AYKUN, Dr. Baha ÖZTUNÇ, Dr.  Murat HANİLÇE, Dr. Necati ÇAVDAR, Dr. Yunus Emre TEKİNSOY

History of the Republic of Turkey: Chairman As. Prof. İsmet TÜRKMEN, Dr. Hakan YAŞAR