Mission and Vision


Our mission is to make the best use of opportunities to increase education, internship, research, knowledge and skills, to increase research at national and international level in the Programs of Institute for Social Sciences. In addition to the academic purposes, in order to provide the highest level of development of individuals for the preparation of graduate programs for the preparation of scientific and academic studies to provide the best education services, scientific studies, carrying out qualified training and implementation procedures to fulfill the obligation to serve the community and create a social work environment To open new horizons and achieve superior success performance towards the desired target. 

We are not trying to catch but leading to change by creating a corporate culture based on teamwork with our staff, in order to educate scientists who have effective and cultural skills, research and problem solving skills, individual oriented methods, planned, entrepreneurial, disciplined, equitable, egalitarian, loving state and doing effective and effective studies that do not avoid self-sacrifice, investigating, questioning, producing knowledge, sensitive to the problems of our country and the world, solidarityist, libertarian, respectful of rights, competent in all areas and full of self-confidence, equipped with contemporary knowledge.